Favorite Links

A Life Overseas - The missions conversation.  Realistic and challenging insights into missionary life.

Courage in the Ordinary - Written by a former missionary, Tish shares her heart for the importance of serving God in the ordinary.  A response to the 'radical living or nothing' kind of movements.

15 ways to stay Married for 15 years  - (Article) by Lydia Netzer, and published by Huffington Post.  Lydia is also a blogger, but I haven't read much of her stuff as of yet.

To love, honor and vacuum - (Blog) an insightful and encouraging thoughts about marriage, family life and God-glorifying sex.

Fierce Marriage - (Blog) I haven't read a lot of their blogs, but I often see their articles posted on facebook by trustworthy friends of mine.

Intimate Issues:
Top 10 ways to relax during sex

Authentic intimacy

Intimacy in marriage 

Woman to Woman - (Blog)  Their tagline is: "From one woman to another.  A ministry for ordinary women to do extraordinary things for God."

Wit's End: Having nothing, possessing everything - a blog written by Melissa Kruger and hosted on the Gospel Coalition website.

Character Development:
Perfectionism Modules - links to 9 self-paced modules to work through perfectionist attitudes and tendencies.

ABC's of stress -- some really help tools to use to analyze the stressors in your life, including your own internal core beliefs about things.  Lots of pop-up adds, but it's really a good resource!

Stress Resources -- a page of links for Stress Resistant Thinking.

Desiring God - 11 resources for Depression (sermon, book, article... - great stuff) "Too Depressed to Believe what we know."

Tim Challies - How to beat that Bad Mood

Food stuff!
30 unhealthy foods you mistake as healthy and their surprising swaps!

Whole30 - February 2016- I'm trying this plan for 30 days, we'll see how it goes!

Whole30 Plan and Recipes: A google doc devoted to my WHOLE30 journey. My plan and recipes to go along with it!  ***March 29 - this is still in development, I hope to get it online soon!!

Daily Devotions:
The Gospel Coalition - daily blogs and articles

John Piper's daily devotion (daily devotion)
Streams in the Desert (daily devotion) - This is the devotional book that my Grandmother used in her last years on earth.  My Grandfather then used it and gave each of his children a copy of it - marking the sentences and verses that Grandmother had marked in hers.

Asana - Teamwork without email -- a productivity check-list!

* Please feel free to send me a note if you notice any of the links are broken or no longer available *

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