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January 1, 2017 update

Current financial need:

$150 per month.

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Since 2005, the Lord has given Elizabeth the great privilege to serve Him in a professional role through Wycliffe Bible Translators.

She first served him overseas as a Bible storytelling facilitator among an unreached people group in South Asia.

She has also the honor to lead training and consulting work for several other people groups in other countries - mother-tongue workers committed to getting God's Word in their own languages.

Elizabeth is currently an International Trip Coordinator, which means she trains and prepares interns and volunteers for a short-term experience overseas helping one of Wycliffe's Bible Translation projects.

In 2015, Elizabeth was able to help send volunteers & interns to the following locations: Ghana, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Thailand, Uganda, Cambodia, and three locations in South Asia.  Each volunteer helped meet a critical need among Wycliffe's translation teams.

Some of the work they did included: creating digital apps for villagers to have access to scripture in their own languages, tutoring missionary kids, editing dictionaries, teaching English, serving as a nurse, and helping with I.T. work for Bible translators in remote areas.

This role is thrilling to Elizabeth because she gets to connect eager students and professionals to the front-lines mission work around the world.  She walks along side them as they seek the Lord's direction in their life, while contributing to the eternal work on the field along the way.

Elizabeth says, "It is an honor to be a part of God’s Work through training and sending volunteers who help Bible translators bring God’s Word to those who have never heard it! I truly love my job!"

Elizabeth believes that this work is only possible through the prayers and financial support of churches and individuals who partner with her and her husband Jason.  They are both incredibly thankful for those who are standing with them, through prayer and gifts, making it all possible.

Are you interested in partnering with Elizabeth and Jason in this work?  

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