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VIDEO: A 2 minute video that summarizes my work with Wycliffe Bible Translators over the past 10+ years.

September 2016 - Parallel Train Tracks - for God's Glory and the Nations

August 2016 - Saddle Up! Getting ready for week long team meetings.

June 2016 - God Calls - Only need $145/month more in fund-raising!

May 2016 - "More to tell than just what I've seen or heard"

April 2016 - Wycliffe Volunteers and Interns

2015 IN REVIEW - Our Newsletter!!  3 words to describe 2015: persevering, confusing and challenging. Yet glorious. Here is our newsletter! Also, I'm still asking the Lord for financial and prayer partners for 2016. Let us know if you want to join our team! We would be honored!

Dec 2015 - Delighting in December!

Nov 2015 - Never doubt November!

Aug-September 2015 - Stressful September!  Between Jason leading our first life group meeting with church friends (9/10), my week-long work meetings in another town (9/14-18), Jason starting back at school and me sorting out the details for 4 more Discover trip participants, some doctor's appointments and Jason's parents coming to visit - we are sure to be stretched!

July 2015 - A thousand things going on right now! (And Wilson family picture!)

June 2015 - Monkeys and Jiggers?

April 2015 - The Last Translator?  And Caution to the Wind band concert invite!

February-March 2015 - Liberty Trip update

January 2015 - Coming and Going
Updates on Discover participants: Sullivan, Kris & David, Jenelle, Stephanie, and Liz.

December 2014 - 10 years!  Merry Christmas!
Celebrating 10 years with Wycliffe!  The lessons I've learned over the past 10 years of service with Wycliffe and the past 1 year of marriage!

September-October 2014 - So much to celebrate!

August 2014 - How was South Asia?  An interview with Jason & Elizabeth

June 2014 - Here we go!  Off to S. Asia!

May 2014 - I'm not perfect, but my God is

April 2014 - Rough week... but tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

March 2014 - I don't think God wants me on this trip

February 2014 - "You've really helped me in a process that has felt so out of control."

January 2014 - Any time you have a chance to do something for the Lord...

December 2013 - First waiting, then an eternity of rejoicing.  First married newsletter!!

October 2013 - 30 days til I change my name!

September 2013 - Answered prayers update

August 2013 - So, you like lots of big changes all at once?

July 2013 - I am engaged!!!

May 2013 - That job sounds perfect for you!

February-March 2013 - God's Word - the ultimate training tool!

January 2013 - Some very cool things

December 2012 - How has god been building you this year?

November 2012 - Looking back and moving forward!  I need your help! (New job!)

August 2012 - "I want to find out the truth."

Newsletters from 2005 to 2009

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