Monday, September 15, 2008

Update - Sept 2008

Update – September, 2008

Short Version:
1) My trip back to South Asia went really well. I was able to make good connections with teams I’ll be working with.

2) AN ANSWER – for approx. the next 12 months. I’m going back to South Asia – to do what I did before, but this time, multiplied by 6 unreached people groups, and doing it in half the time!

3) Your support – both financial and prayer is what fuels this work!

Long Version:
1.“If you don’t come back, who will guide us?” (This was one of the comments from the teams I visited on my trip last month to South Asia).

While I was there, I spent a few days with representatives from 5 of the 6 national teams that are attempting to do One-Story projects in their own languages. I learned that they are eager and ready to share God’s Stories with those who have never heard, but are uncertain about how to do it in a culturally relevant and yet still biblically accurate way. They have received training from One-Story along these lines, but there is no one on the ground to coach them through it. There is no one to help them correspond with their Consultants (in other countries) who need to check the stories for biblical accuracy.

One-Story presented this dilemma to me and said, “We need someone who has done a one-story project, someone who is familiar with South Asian culture and language, someone who likes remote/village areas and takes initiative in getting things done.”
The more I learned about the project, the answer became clear as to where I should invest my time over the next year.

2. An Answer!
How could I say no to getting the gospel to unreached people groups as I was a part of before in South Asia– but this time, multiplying it by 6 unreached people groups, and doing it in half the time. Wow! Talk about impossible!

And yet, it is when I’m presented with the impossible that I grow that much closer to our Father and get the privilege of watching Him work- not me!

I leave the first week of October, and I’m very much looking forward to doing whatever is necessary to help these 6 teams succeed in reaching their own people. What an honor to be a part of this work!

In addition to the work in South Asia, I’ll spend some time in Malaysia and Thailand – helping lead trainings for other One-Story teams.

3. What an HONOR to have YOUR support in this work too!!
I’ve been so blessed this past year to have almost all of you continue to faithfully support me while working as a recruiter for my organization and One-Story. It really is an honor to return now to South Asia with you partnering with me. Thank YOU for joining me in His Work!

- P&P (Prayer and Praise)
* Praise for finding the perfect answer to what He wants me to do next.
* Prayer for the last 2 weeks or so with my family before I leave.
* Prayer for Green Country - the pseudonym for the state I’ll be working in mainly.
* Prayer for the story-crafters who are dealing with floods in their area right now.
* Prayer for those who will hear God’s Stories for the very first time in their own languages.

Till All Have Heard,

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