Thursday, October 9, 2008

Frustrating, yet rewarding...

Well, I arrived in South Asia…I have minimal water, a lack of electricity, no internet, unstable phone situation, mosquitoes, heat, sweat, strange food, smiles, appreciation, kindness, gentleness, acceptance- and in reality, I lack nothing with which to survive. I am in the right place. I know that.

And while that is a great feeling…I am unsure how I feel, being here. I thought at one point, “Am I just going through the motions? Am I just doing this because I know its right, not necessarily because I love it?” I think the answer is partly yes. The romanticism of overseas work has certainly worn off. I had actually worn off probably a few months into our project in ‘Kahan’ two years ago. But being back here reinforces the fact that daily life is hard, frustrating, and draining! And yet rewarding.

This is my second night- I’m sitting here trying to decide whether I want to bear a little more heat, but sleep bug-free under the mosquito net, or take my chances with the bugs, but have a few degrees cooler if I sleep outside of the net. In spite of the mosquito net having holes, it really does restrict the air flow! Such a decision would rarely occur in America!

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