Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thank you for your notes...

After my Jan 9 blog entry and email update, a few emails from you have been really encouraging…Thank you for your permission to share them here.

“I only spent 3 months in Asia, but I can picture so much of what you are writing. And I can feel a bit of what you are feeling. I remember the reality of being overseas not being “romantic” anymore. I had actually used those exact words. It’s good to hear others say they felt that way before going. Reality is so much different than what you expect it will be. (Friend who has spent time in Asia)

“…I am glad you had a good time at home. It is great to have such a loving family, that you enjoy to be part of. I can read your pain of leaving them. It must indeed be hard to be back to loneliness, much responsibility and discomfort. I myself have only this past year realized the extent of the sacrifice we have made. Even if we would return home now, the effects of our lives the past years will be felt till our old age – even in simple things as paperwork, where things are never simple for people who have a gap in their life in the homeland. It is difficult, and at the same time wonderful to realize you are really bringing a sacrifice for God. But I pray for you when you settle again in “Pan Town”, that you will find much joy and laughter, and that God will give you many times back the family you have left behind…” (Friend working in another city in the same country)

“…We know that He who owns all things will meet all your needs and wants, and will fill any periods of loneliness with renewed joy all the year through…” (M Committee member from a church at home)

“…I know exactly what you mean. The whole idea of living in and discovering another culture has grown old. Things that used to be exciting and interesting have now become annoying :)…” (Friend working in another city in the same country)

“Your letter now compels me to write you a note and tell you how very much God loves you and how very blessed you are to feel His compelling love. So many people go through life never feeling or knowing that love or even sensing God's will for their life…Your letter has touched me today as I realize how deep the love of the Lord is. When you realize that, as you have, you are very blessed indeed. Hearing "God loves you" is one thing, but really feeling that love is another…I know how lonely you must feel right now after visiting your family. They are feeling the same kind of pain. God will take care of you and them. I read one time that the only way out of the sorrow is through it. Soon you will reach that spot and your life will be settled once again.” (Faithful prayer supporter from home).

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