Saturday, February 14, 2009

SAM BUGS in Brazil, and Thailand!!

An email from a friend in Thailand:

Those bugs are called "drunk bugs" here in Thailand. They always precede a rain storm. They are drawn to light, so what the M people used to do is turn off all lights and sit out in the open where the wind would keep them from huddling around too much and they would cover their heads too. The other trick we learned was to put a white plastic bag on the end of the light fixture. This seems to draw the bugs and as they lose their wings the creepy crawly bodies drop into the bag and stay there. There's also less litter from their wings all over everywhere too. If you have more than one light to work with, turn on one outside or in another room where you aren't, while you sit in the dark or outside. They don't last too awfully long and you can usually resume work in about a half hour. They are nasty to be sure!! Hope this helps.

The first pictures are from a friend in Brazil, The SAME BUGS...And how they dealt with them one night!!

I found one more way to deal with them this week.....FRESH PAINT!!! (Although only the wings sick...not the bodies of the little critters!!) See the second pictures - with the purple wall in the background.

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