Sunday, June 7, 2009

Night and Day

"Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning ."
(Psalm 30:5 – New Living Translation)
The nights in Pan town over the past few weeks have been unbearable. The sun disappears at the end of the day, but the temperature remains high. The sweat on my body is sticky and cannot be tamed. Even after a cold shower, within seconds, I’m not sure if the drips of water on my arm are because I didn’t dry my arm yet, or because sweat is already forming. My room is dark and scary – dark either due to limited electricity, or due to keeping lights off to minimize the bugs. The darkness hides everything from sight, but not from one’s ears.
The sounds of large bugs flying into the walls, or crawling out of the holes in the wooden door, alert me to their presence. The flicker of a candle or a flashlight pinpoint the flying creatures and a flip flop sends them flying elsewhere. A small triumph in the midst of the darkness. But soon more will come. For some reason, my ears have become especially attuned to these intruders, and even without the light, I can sense exactly where they may be crawling on the floor – typically towards my bed. Is my keen sense of bug-whereabouts, a blessing or a curse? I’m not sure.
As I sleep in the dark, my bed becomes moist as the electricity goes off, the fan ceases spinning, and my body tries its best to cool itself. Around midnight, when all is even more dark than before, a trip to the roof gives me a chance to cool off- as it is 3-4 degrees cooler up there. After returning to bed, sleep comes and goes, and around 2am, a cold shower is taken, and a few more bugs are eliminated.
The darkness still remains.
A few hours after that, the first glimmer of the sun shines through my window. As my eyes also crack open, the joy begins to set in. In spite of the exhaustion of just getting through the night, the light of day brings so much hope with it. The heat may still be just as intense, and there may be bugs still crawling around. But somehow, the light provides a way to see out of the situation, a way to get beyond the darkness.

How true this verse is- Psalm 30:5.

And for how many situations it may be applied to. What a blessing to experience His Word in a real (frightful yet joyful) way. Thank you Lord for providing the Light of Lights to shine through this dark world, so that we might rejoice in the morning.

At night we may cry, but when morning comes, we will celebrate.
(Psalm 30:5 – Contemporary English Version)

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