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Email Update – September 24, 2009

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Note: In case you were wondering, and missed it in my newsletter, my assignment in India is now completed. I am still working for the previous company I was working for, and my new assignment is one of training, consulting and continuing to work on story-related projects. Any questions, let me know! :)

Short Version- Headlines
- 1. Facebook Friend Requests, Emails and Phone Calls – Staying in touch with the Story teams and hearing how the Stories are being used!!!
- 2. “There’s no Place Like Home” - Family Time has been great!!
- 3. How is your Message being Communicated? (Recording and Media Training)

Longer Version- Full Stories
1. Facebook Friend Requests, Emails and Phone Calls -- Continued Communication
Well, the end of the 6 Story Teams in and around Pan Town finished their stories. Three of the teams are in the midst of training for the Luke Partnership, which is the next phase of this entire project. They will work on the translation of the gospel of Luke in preparation for the J Film manuscript!! Nearly all of the 6 teams are continuing to use their stories in the SFG’s (Story-Fellowship Groups) in their villages.

I have heard from a few of the story teams – including one man who called last night. I even got a ‘friend request’ on facebook from ‘Sam.’ This man didn’t even know how to turn a computer on when I arrived!! I’ve also received a few emails from those who have ventured out from their villages to the internet cafes in a bigger town! One email I got a few days ago says:

“Greeting in our Lord. How are you and your family members? We are doing very good. The stories in our ‘Mountain’ language are very helpful for my ministry. Thru the storytelling, now we have ten in our group (SFG). So please pray for this group.”

It’s so great to have these means to keep in touch with the people I spent so much time with over the last year. I look forward to what God is going to do in and through His Word that is presented in the form of these oral stories, in places where His Word has never been before!

- “There’s No Place Like Home”
Since being home, I’ve enjoyed some relaxed family time and have been so appreciative to do so! My family took a trip to Washington, DC where we rode bikes along the Potomac River, and visited Mount Vernon, as we had never been there before.
(Picture: In George Washington’s back yard!)

My parents were also able to come with me to Florida to hear me speak at my company’s headquarters, for their weekly chapel meeting. We got to spend precious time with Bob and Dallas (the President of my company, and his wife), and I was also privileged to sit in on one session of the Board meetings that also took place that week!
(Pictures: with Bob and Dallas Creson)

“There’s no place like home.” With the different places I’ve lived, and the travelling I’ve done and will continue to do as I embark on this new assignment of consulting and training others, I’m realizing that ‘home’ for me really means family. So, for me, I think I’d like to say, “There’s no place like where your family is.” – Wherever that may be!!

- 3. How is your Message being Communicated? (Recording and Media Training)
In August, I participated in a Recording and Media training in North Carolina. This training includes what it takes to make a high quality recording as well as thinking critically about how to use the local forms of media in a culturally appropriate way to get the stories out there. I had been through this training before, but my assignment now involves training others. So, my goal in taking this training is to then be able to train others.

One of the biggest things I learned at the training was about Communication. Below is a picture of the Communication model we learned about. We learned how a message (that is the Story) travels, and what happens to it along the way.
For those that want a short lesson in Communication, here ya go: (see diagram and explanation below)
* Let’s say the Message (Story, etc) is shaped as a hexagon originally.
* The way you interpret the message may be as a circle, just because of your own worldview and background.
* You, as the Sender, then take that (circle) message and begin to deliver it.
* Now, as it’s being interpreted by the Receiver, there is outside noise, and barriers (such as culture, worldview, religion, and even things like goats, and dogs!), that affect how that message is interpreted.
* When it finally communicates to the Receiver, the Message may look more like a triangle!
* As the Receiver gives feedback (in the form of non-verbal cues, or verbal response), you, as the Sender, realize that your message maybe didn’t communicate all you intended it to in the beginning! This indicates you need to re-work your message to ensure more accurate interpretation of the Message. That is why, in Story projects, the stories are tested and checked over and over again until they are right!
* And, of course, in most cultures, the Receiver is going to be somewhat polite when they give you feedback, so you have to work extra hard, to really figure out what is true, objective feedback!

Anyway, I found it helpful in terms of media and recording, but also for communication in daily life as well!

Sept 27- Oct 3- Consulting Training (Dallas) (Training others, and being trained myself!)
Oct 3-9- Seminar Speaker at World Wide Scripture in Use Consultation Conference (Malaysia)
Oct 9-14- Two Side Trips to visit friends and a supporter on my way back (Indonesia and Taiwan)
October 22- Ankle Surgery (Delaware)

Til All Have Heard,

~ Elizabeth

“This is what the LORD of Heaven's Armies says: Be strong and finish the task!” ~Zechariah 8:9

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