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Email Update- Nov 6, 2009

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Dear Friends and Family!!

Short Version- HEADLINES

1. Training in Dallas, Conference in Malaysia, and speaking on Moody Radio!
Video of trip:
Short Clip from Moody Radio:

2. Surgery and Sacrifice – I had ankle surgery last week, and also received an email from Sam in Pan Town- his life is a good reminder of what sacrifice really means.

3. Consulting and the Future – There’s no end to the stories!!!

Longer Version – FULL STORIES

1. Dallas, Asia, Moody Radio!

At the end of September, I went to Dallas, TX to assist with a Story training, as well as receive additional training in story consulting myself. It was great to re-connect with several people who I’ve worked with at different points in the past few years, as well as meet more folks involved with storying in different ways all over the world. (Picture- Training Group in Dallas)

After the training, I headed to Malaysia to lead a storying workshop at a World-Wide Scripture in Use conference there. The audience was composed of die-hard, long-term Bible translators who openly questioned some storying techniques, as well as those who had been involved in written translation and were looking for a way to spark interest in their written materials. Of course, there were those who had heard about storying or even tried some themselves and wanted to learn more about applying it in their situations.

Also, a special group of deaf participants also came to my workshop and really enjoyed it! Needless to say, it was a good size group (60+ in my workshop, and ~300 total in the conference?). I’m still in contact with some from the conference and helping know how to present storying to their Groups back home.

[Picture- assisting women from 3 different countries practice crafting a story].

After Malaysia, I thought I would be able to meet up with some other One-Story teams, but that didn’t quite work out. However, I was able to make some new friends in Indonesia, and meet up with a friend of mine in Taiwan, as well as friends of a Taiwanese family I know here in Delaware!

It was a refreshing, and encouraging time to explore more of God’s world, and interact with the different people groups that are a part of it. (picture- hanging out with some Batak children in Indonesia)

After returning home, I had two opportunities to speak on Moody Radio. One included a very quick trip to Chicago and the other involved calling into the station as part of a live interview!

You can listen to the broadcast recorded in Chicago below. The link has a few pictures included- but mainly it is the audio of the Radio broadcast. (Pic- Moody Radio)

[Bob Creson and me- This is just a portion of the broadcast, where I share about the Partnerships that contributed to the success of the story projects, and Bob points out that my supporters at home played a part in that as well!!!]

If the link doesn’t work, you can do a search on for: “elizabethstories” and the links should come up- “PART 2” is probably the clip where I share the most, but you can listen to the others uploaded there as well if you want!

2. Surgery and Sacrifice

I had surgery on my ankle last week. I actually broke it last year (kitesurfing!), and had it in a cast for several weeks. Two of the fractures healed, but there was still a bone chip in my ankle that was giving me problems on a daily basis. The Doctor said it was not going to go away without surgery, and could get worse. Thus, I’m on crutches for the next 3 weeks, and 1-2 months of being careful with it after that. The anesthesiologist asked me before my surgery, “So how did you do this?” I said, “kite-surfing.” After I explained what happened, he asked me, “So, why are you having this surgery,” I said, “So I can go kite-surfing again.” :)

Even though I’ve been in bed with my foot up, I haven’t gotten behind in any of my consulting work or keeping up to date with the work in 'Pan Town.' One email I received this week was from a colleague of mine who had just heard from ‘Sam’- from Pan Town. If you remember, he is one of the men I worked daily with in Pan Town, and I was able to visit his unbelieving family when friends of mine came to visit. I am encouraged once again by his deep faith and devotion to our Father. I realize once again just how little I know about suffering and true sacrifice. Here is an excerpt. (Some names/places have been changed)

"I want to inform you that S and I have finally decided to get married after a long waiting of about seven years on the 10th of December. My parents are not going to bless our marriage because the girl is a Christian. They don't want us to live in ‘Pan Town’ as they feel that it would create a big embarrassment for them and their high caste religious connections. We have decided that for the next two years we will live separately until I complete the ongoing Project. I will be visiting her at her Mission as and when I get holidays. It will be tough but that is the best option at present. I have been informed that I will get no inheritance in my father's wealth. But my God has already given me the greatest inheritance that one can ever think of."

3. Consulting and the Future!
While in Dallas, and since being home, I’ve been able to dialogue with my boss and some others regarding my assignment. For now, let me explain just one part of my current assignment: I will be involved with 4 projects (taken from two larger cluster projects in NW and NE India). I will receive story data (the story itself, with testing q&a, and retellings), and then analyze the info for Biblical accuracy and ways to adapt to the language/culture (based on the testing results). I will then send feedback to the team, and they will revise the story. I will also help with the training sessions for the NE India projects- starting with one in India in January. I’m hoping that 2 of the men I worked with in Pan Town will also be able to come and help us, which would be really exciting.

I am still working out the details of other parts of my assignment, as well as where exactly God might want me to be while in this assignment. I’ll keep you updated as God shows me the way!

• Praise God for the conference in Malaysia and the interest sparked in storying.
• Praise God for a refreshing time in Indonesia and Taiwan.
• Please pray for my ankle to heal quickly and completely.
• Please pray for Sam and his fiancĂ© and the family pressures as their wedding date approaches.
• Please pray for wisdom and direction to know where God wants me as I work in my assignment.

Until All Have Heard,

~ Elizabeth

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