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Newsletter August to December 2009

Here are the contents of a newsletter I sent out recently!  Facebook friend see this on my blog:

Newsletter August to December 2009

“I’ve been praying for that people group since the 90’s!”
 A few weeks ago, I received an email from a prayer supporter (in Canada!), who asked if an unreached people group he had been praying for was one of the ones I worked with.  What a privilege it was for me to share with him that “Yes, your prayers have paid off because the Blizzard people group now has God’s Word in the form of oral stories and they are using these Stories to reach their people!”  (Picture: The Blizzard Story team!)

Recently, I met two people for the first time, who have partnered with me on a monthly basis, through finances and prayer, over this past year.  It was an encouragement to hear how God has blessed them through their contributions to His work in India!

Your prayers and financial gifts are a huge support to me, and to the unreached people groups of the world.  As the Lord leads me in new ventures this year, I am hoping to raise some additional prayer and financial supportPlease let me know if you are interested!  I’d love to partner with you!
(Picture- some of my dad's family at Thanksgiving!)

"You are now an Independent Consultant!"

 I have been working on becoming an ‘independent consultant’ for checking stories.    While there are still a few aspects of consulting I am working on with my coach, it’s great to finish this stage of training!

It’s good timing since part of my job over the next year involves consulting on several story projects in South Asia, and coaching other consultants.

(Picture- speaking at a conference in Malaysia- October

“Where are you going Next?”
 Well, I leave Christmas evening to work with Wycliffe’s recruitment team at Urbana, the largest missions conference in the world, in St. Louis, at the end of December. 

In mid-January, I’ll head to New Zealand to serve as a seminar speaker for a Call2All conference, which is specifically focused on the next generation of leaders and overseas workers.  After New Zealand (less than 24 hours after landing), I’ll travel to South Asia for about 2 weeks to assist with a training for a cluster of projects there- two of which I am consulting on.

 Orlando, here I come!
 After much prayer and counsel, God has moved me to live in a place surrounded by others who think, talk and act like I do (not sure if that’s a good thing or not!).

Orlando is home to Wycliffe USA’s headquarters as well as several other missions, and I’ll have a lot of opportunities to rub shoulders with like-minded people there.

(Picture- my dad and me at Wycliffe Headquarters, October)

In addition, part of my job is to find ways to improve One-Story’s 2-year program called, “Quest.”

Being close to the Wycliffe headquarters, will be especially helpful in this area, as I will be able to meet with new Story teams before they start their assignment.

(Picture- My Grandfather and me- November)

While I know I will miss my family, I am very much looking forward to this new adventure, and also really figuring out how to live on my own in my own country!!  Should be a piece of cake compared to rural India, right?  We’ll see!

Picture: My family in Washington, DC (August).

Dec 13- Church Sharing- Cornerstone [Kemblesville, PA]
Dec 25-Jan 2- Urbana Conference [St. Louis, MO]
Jan 9-10- Church Sharing-[Franklin, PA]
Jan 12-Feb 24- Call2All Conference [New Zealand]
Jan 25- Feb 7- Story Training [South Asia]
Feb- Move to Florida!

Until all have Heard,


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