Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elizabeth's Newsletter

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A few weeks ago, on my way to ‘Tea Town’, I went back to ‘Kahan’ – the place I lived for the first 2 years.

Walking along terraced fields brought back memories of when I gave my heart to the Kahani people, and the many nights I spent crying for them to know Him.  On this trip, I spent most of the 2 days  with ‘Precious’ (right)– one of the Kahani story-tellers.  She is at the start of the Path, and told me while I was there, ‘I feel like He sent you here to me to tell me stories!

We talked a lot about what it means to Follow Him and how she can bring His Story into her marriage – she is getting married this month!! (Aunty on left!)

Recently, I have been consulting on story projects in 9 different languages in South Asia!  I review back-translations of the stories in English via email, and make comments on the accuracy and cultural sensitivity of the Stories.  It is hard to find the best possible way to communicate the Truth to those who have never heard, but it is also an honor. 

These teams represent some of the only believers in their communities and live in some very hostile areas.  They take bold risks to share the Story, and need a lot of support to persevere so the Word can reach their neighbors.

As many of you know, I moved to Orlando in March.  While I have travelled some since being here, every minute here has been a blessing from Him.  Thank you for praying for a smooth transition!!

My roommates here in Orlando have been a huge blessing in my life!

As someone put it, ‘it’s like you have immediate friends!’  It is incredible to be able to come home from a trip, and feel instantly connected back into life here.  Thank you to my four roommates who have welcomed me here!
 On my way home from South Asia, I was able to visit my family in Delaware!  I attended a tea where the speaker was my mom; I saw two good friends (Chrissy and Kristin– above) whose hearts also are stuck on the other side of the world; I  watched my little sister do an amazing job in her violin concert; and I celebrated Mother’s Day with my Grandparents (right).  There is nothing like being with family, and I cherish each moment I have with them!  (below)

As I continue to work with One-Story (a partnership with Wycliffe and other organizations), I will work with at least one Orlando Group as they start to use Stories in their ESL ministry starting in the Fall.

I also hope to continue meeting with my friend, Kim from South East Asia, to share Stories with her to help improve her English.  I have also started evaluating past One-Story projects and why some have done so well, and why others have struggled.

As I interview past teams, pray for understanding to find ways to improve the Story program not only for the team members, but also so that more unreached groups may hear His Word in this generation.

-Praise for a smooth transition to life and work in Orlando.
-Pray for Precious as she continues to learn what it means to follow Him and as she gets married!
-Pray for wisdom as I follow His leading on the things He reminded me of in ‘Kahan.’
-Pray for insight as I continue to consult as well as take on the ‘project manager’ role for 7 of the storying teams in South Asia.
-Pray for the 7 Storying Spice Teams: Black pepper, Turmeric, Masala, Basil, Ginger, Bay Leaves, Thyme.

Until All Have Heard,

~ Elizabeth

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