Monday, October 4, 2010

Email Update!- Going to South Asia on Wednesday!

Dear Friends and Family! :)

-          Local Friends & ESL Update- (pictures below)
-          I leave this WEDNESDAY for South Asia and come back Nov 2 (itinerary below)
-          P & P

Local Friends and ESL Update
I had a few good talks with my friend Beth last week - if you want to know more, let me know!

The ESL classes have been going well.  There are several students who are ‘regulars’ now and really love the stories.  Each week, we give the same homework assignment.

Students have to tell the story they learned that night to at least one person.  Then, they have to give us a report about how it went the next week.  They love doing it, and come with great stories about the people they have told the story too!

Last week, one lady from Puerto Rico said, “I shared the story with my husband- and it really helped us to be kind to each other.  And, even after the story, I asked him the questions just like you ask us.  I asked him what he liked about the story, and what he learned about God.”  

How great it is to be reminded that His Word cannot be contained, and see the positive influence it has on those who hear and tell it!

Trip to South Asia
I leave Wednesday for South Asia.  I’ll be doing training and consulting for two clusters of story projects in two areas.  My cousin, Roberta is coming with me on this trip!  I’m so thankful to have someone to travel with, and looking forward to sharing my “home” with her.  I am also looking forward to Roberta’s help with working with some of the teams!! :) Here is our general itinerary, in case you are interested!

October 6- 2 FLIGHTS – USA to SOUTH ASIA
October 8- 2 FLIGHTS – Capitol city to “Major City” to “New Town”
Oct 8- TAXI from New Town Airport to visit my friend Kristin whom many of you know – She is a long-time friend and works at a Children’s Home outside of New Town.  This Children’s Home is the place that I first visited one my very first trip to South ASIA 11 years ago.  I’m looking forward to seeing Kristin, as well as re-visiting the place that sparked my passion for this area so long ago.
Oct 10- TAXI from Children’s Home to New Town
Oct 11- Oct 23- Training for Mercy Teams
October 23 – FLIGHT – New Town to Major City
Oct 23 night – in Major City –visit with “Precious” from my first Kahani story project- she now lives in ‘Major City’ with her husband – just married in July!!
Oct 24 – 2 FLIGHTS – Major City to Capitol City to Tea Town
Oct 24-Oct 28– Consulting for Tea Town Teams
Oct 29- FLIGHT- Tea Town to Capitol City
October 30-  TRAINS to do some sightseeing
October 31 – FLIGHT – SOUTH ASIA to USA
November 1 – TRAIN- Airport to Delaware
November 2- FLIGHT – Delaware to Florida

P & P
Praise for continued good friendships here in Orlando, including Beth!
Pray for Dana – I am going to visit her tomorrow!
Pray for a new roommate – one of my roommates moved back home and getting ready to go serve overseas!!  We need to find someone else to rent her room!
Pray for my trip to S. Asia – logistics, good relationships, clear communication, strong health, sound sleep, increased time, stable electricity.

Til All Have Heard,

~ Elizabeth

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