Friday, May 25, 2012

Faith (Devotion from Sarah Young)

Faith means believing without seeing.  If we can see it, verify it, explain it, and make perfect sense of it, we don’t need faith.  Faith, by very definition requires us to trust in something we don’t understand.
Much of scripture requires us to take that step.  Virgin birth?  Unbelievable.  Calming of the sea?  Can’t be done.  Raising people from the dead?  Impossible.
Knowing that something is unbelievable or impossible means that a higher power has to be involved.  That knowledge leads us to a choice.  Are we willing to believe the unbelievable?  Are we willing to have faith?
You may never understand the reason for some events of life on this side of heaven.  But God is pleased when you have faith in Him even when you can’t understand.
~ Sarah Young (Take My Heart, Of God May 25)

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