Saturday, June 30, 2012

The place where I am and the Person with me.

The place where I am has uncertainties.  It has questions.  It has frustrations.  I feel confused, concerned, and crushed.

I could list a hundred more descriptions which would only compound the fact that the place where I am is hard.  This world, at times, is hard.

But.  The Person who is with me in this place holds certainties.  He has answers.  He has joys.  From Him, I can sense clarity, freedom, and value.

Realizing, accepting and thriving in these truths is a bit harder when the other more negative needles of pain seem to press in.

But, nonetheless, they are there.  He is there.

Asking God to shine brightness does not mean the darkness disappears.

It means that by His light we can walk through the darkness of this world more easily.

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