Monday, July 23, 2012

30 before 30!

So, I've been kinda working on a 30 before 30 list....
I have just under 5 months before I turn 30 (Dec 21, 2012!), and decided to go ahead and make a list of things I want to do before then!
Some of this was prompted by a friend who is also turning 30 around the same time.  Some was inspired by a conversation with two other women I respect- both who challenged me to try some new things, and never stop exploring this amazing life that God has blessed us with.
Any other reasons for putting this together include the fact that I love lists, and goals, and doing fun and new things!

And I'm sharing my list because I'd love to have company for any of the following!  :-)  so please join me! :-)

  1. Take a Canvas painting class (done: July 22)
  2. Take 1 whole day, go somewhere outside of the house, and purposely spend it with the Lord (done: July 20)
  3. Make at least one eatible thing from Pinterest (done! July 23)
  4. Join a soccer team (done! first game is next Wed- Aug 1!
  5. Run a 10k race (scheduled: Aug 4- Moss Park Forest Run)
  6. Find a friend with a TV and watch at least 2 days of Shark Week! (starts August 12!). [Thanks Kristin for offering your home!] 
  7. Listen to at least 1 audio book. (currently in the middle of: "The Next Story," by Tim Challies)
  8. Take my neighbor to do something (the invitation has been extended, but the action is yet to come)
  9. Do one cool project with photographs
  10. Play my guitar for worship at work or life group
  11. Research tutoring/substitute teaching opportunities.
  12. Snorkeling in the Florida Keys or West Coast
  13. Find an Indian friend to practice Hindi with.
  14. Give at least 2 bags of clothes/items to Good Will.
  15. Finish 1 personal video project 
  16. Anonymously pay for someone else's table at a restaurant
  17. Do at least crafty thing from Pinterest.
  18. Pick a 10 day period and write a blog entry EVERY day 
  19. Go surfing
  20. Write (yes, hand write) 5 letters to friends overseas.
  21. Research photography classes in Orlando and take one.
  22. Schedule a trip for my sister Jennifer to visit within the next year!
  23. Go tape 5 quarters on 5 shopping carts at Aldi's for other people to use!
  24. Finish crocheting a blanket
  25. Take a week long fast from facebook.
  26. Go to Leu Gardens on the 1st Monday of the month (it’s free!)
  27. Train Nala (my puppy) to sit, stay, come and jump high :-)
  28. Memorize 1 Bible passage (3+ verses).
  29. See the sunrise on the ocean coast & the sunset on the gulf coast on same day 
  30. Make another list of things to do before I turn 31!

1 comment:

Dave said...

Whew!! at least I didn't see a "go-sky-diving" on the list haha! No sense in jumping out of a perfectly good working airplane in my opinion lol! Of course both my sister's have done it... and I haven't. Yes - They dooo lovingly harass me for it!

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