Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The passing of time...

A tear rolled down my cheek...then a drop of sweat.

As I went for a (very slow) run on an old back road today I was a bit overwhelmed.

Listening to this song by Philips Philips...

As I ran, I thought about... God has delicately, deliberately, and directly led me to Jason, the most amazing man in my life -- and how in 3 months we will start our life together! I used to run on these roads in high school.  I reflected on the joy-giving & joy-stretching circumstances that accompanied my teenage years. I used to ride my bike to the horse farm to ride horses and clean stalls seasons dictate the color of leaves on trees, and how the leaves are always replenished after they fall my own life reflects a multitude of seasons, a variety of colors, leaves falling and new leaves growing...Each season carefully painted by my God, who has led me through every one of life's transitions, and even to run down this road again today.

Overall, I thought about getting married soon and couldn't quite contain my excitement, while also felt a sense of deep reflection on all that God has led me through.  The passing of time... so much can happen, in the short life we have on earth.

I simply felt overwhelmed by His faithfulness in my life.

I continued running, in awe of His guiding hand in my life til now, and thankful for the promise of His presence in the future.

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