Monday, December 2, 2013

A few changes + the rest stays the same = Married life!

10 days into marriage, here is what I've learned so far :-)

Talking with a friend this morning, I realized that for most of my life, I thought that being married meant something very different than being single.  And it does!  But, perhaps not quite as I had imagined it.  Whether you are single or married, you still need to eat breakfast.  You still have to wake up and go to sleep every day.  You still drive to the store, put gas in your car, and speak the same language.

I guess I thought someone who is married must have a completely different life than someone who is single.  Having been married 10 days, I can say that overall, there are indeed a few things that are hugely different, but the rest is not a whole lot different from when I was single.

I should have known that wearing a white dress and signing a marriage license wouldn't transform me into another person.  Either way, realizing that many things are the same, brought me comfort today, as I had been a bit confused about why my life hadn't completely changed after 10 days of marriage.  

But what about the things that have changed?  Here are a few of the differences of my single vs. married life so far: Going to sleep and waking up with my best friend, praying with him in the morning and evening, his arms around me when I cry because I have no idea how I'm going to prepare dinner for the next 45 years of our lives, learning to trust God with our money and his blessings, preparing to host other couples for dinner, discussing how to reach out to our neighbors, worshipping the Lord together as husband and wife.

No, I did not morph into an entirely different human being after we left the wedding reception.

And no, those things that have changed after being married have not have drastically altered my life in the first 10 days of marriage.  But there is no doubt that they will significantly transform me into a new person over the course of the rest of my life.

As I look forward to all that is ahead, I am thankful for the similarities that make the transition to married life easier, and the differences that unite us together stronger than I could ever imagine.

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