Wednesday, September 3, 2014

"Be faithful and patient every day and trust God"

This morning during our weekly chapel meeting, the staff of Wycliffe received a blessing through Steve and Linda Sheldon sharing some of the journey that God has taken them on over the past 50 years they have been with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

I jotted down a few of the life lessons they've learned and put into words...

"God is just as interested in us as he was in the people we were working with." - Steve Sheldon 

"Be faithful and patient every day and trust God"

"I was surrounded by people who needed to know the Lord and that was exciting to me!" - Linda Sheldon

"It's not about me and I, but about "we" - and what we do together."

One of the villagers told Steve (who wears glasses), "Even though you have 4 eyes, you don't see very well.  I'm going to teach you how to see."

We need to see beyond what we can physically see.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness through this couple and their family over the years.  Thank you for the blessing they are to me and so many others.


Chris Winkler said...

Thanks for summarizing some of this. I think this must set a record for the most-Facebooked EnterMission of all time. Everyone took away different, but special, nuggets.

Elizabeth said...

It was special indeed. Thanks for sharing Chris.

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