Saturday, October 25, 2014

Customs immigration after work

In spite of my efforts to minimize the scrutiny of my husband's every action and word, last week I was reminded once again to continually fight against my need to be better, my desire to be right (by proving him wrong), and my attraction to control.

Last week my dear husband stopped at the grocery store on his way home from work.
He called to let me know he was going to pick up a few things.

Cue the panic mode (on my part).

me: "Why would you do that?"
him: "well, you said you need some…... and I also thought I'd pick up some….."
me: (resisting as best I could the freak-out feelings of 'That stuff isn't on sale!' or 'Him shopping now will take time away from us this evening!' or 'I just know he'll end up with more stuff than he says he's going for…' - like who doesn't?)   "Okay honey….I mean, I can get that stuff cheaper at…. and I already have enough…..but…..okay"
him: Okay…well... I'm gonna just stop and get those other things….
me: okay.

Anxiously awaiting his arrival at home, hardly containing my fear that he might have picked up 2 extra jars of mayonnaise at full price when I could've saved $2/jar with a coupon.  Okay, I wasn't really waiting on the edge of my chair, I had plenty of other things to do, but I'm just trying to over-emphasize the crazy-ness of my thoughts sometimes!

Jason arrived home.

He unloaded the contents of his grocery bags on the table.  My judging eyes landed on each one and wondered about the price, the quantity, and the purpose.

Jason, knowing how I operate in this area proceeded to justify each purchase - even before I asked.

him: "so, I know this wasn't on sale, but we're having company, and I thought…….  And this was on sale and you said you've been wanting……"
me: "what about this….  and… how much did you pay for this….and why did you get this?"

him: he paused for a bit, then said: "Honey…. What is this?  The department of homeland food security?  I feel like I have to go through customs immigration every time I come home from the grocery store!"

I stopped and smiled.  He smiled.
Then of course, he proceeded to imitate me a bit to illustrate my ridiculousness… "Where were you?  What did you do there?  Why did you do it?  Who were you with?  How long were you there?  Where are you going now?  …... Honey, it's a box of rice."

Ahhhhhh…… yes.

Life is a process.

I'm so thankful for my patient husband who also has a sense of humor.

I apologized and we put the groceries away together.  I didn't ask any more questions :-)


Rob Watts said...

Yeah, the life of marriage and getting to know each other and working things out. Dawn and I have and still go through that scenario from time to time, lol. Thanks for sharing, I will have to remember that line though.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing Rob! I'm thankful that Jason is so remarkable at keeping things light and helping us move on to what's most important in life. I absolutely love that about him :-)

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