Monday, January 26, 2015

Today's Joys: Lydia

I usually try to do my grocery shopping for the week early Monday morning, before anyone else is awake.  I thrive on being the only one, well, one of the only ones in the store.  The cart moves quickly, and my mind simply functions better without the crowds of the late afternoon.

But my joy for today is not grocery shopping before the sun comes up.

This morning, as I was leaving the grocery store, I saw my friend Lydia and her three young boys.

Lydia is the wife of a couple that are friends of Jason's.  So when Jason and I got married, I inherited their friendship too.

Even though we don't get to spend a lot of time together, and honestly are still just getting to know each other, I appreciate that Lydia and I often can quickly go to those meaningful conversations about deeper issues in life.

Lydia has a similar story as mine as far as horses and missions and marriage.  And she holds similar values - eating healthy, finding bargains, figuring out our wife roles, and living life outside as much as possible.

Today, Lydia had her three boys out with her.  The baby was in the car seat, and the toddler was sitting in the front with the curliest hair ever.  They actually took up most of the space in the cart.  The the oldest boy was towing along beside the cart, eager to show his mom a bag of oranges he found.

Lydia gave me a hug when we recognized each other, and she told me about all the comings and goings their family has in store for them in the next few weeks.  House stuff, family stuff, work stuff, all at once. It's a LOT!  And on top of that, she has 3 young boys!  And she is making dinner for someone in her church tonight!  And she never stopped smiling the whole time we were talking.

She hugged me when we said goodbye.

As the boys waved, she said, "It was so good to see you, really... so good!" making me feel like somehow just by being alive, I had made her day better!

Yes.  Lydia deserves a "Today's Joy" blog post.

She is an example to me of someone who moves through life with joy.

In the midst of a whirlwind transition, she smiles and she gives to others.

In addition to all she has going on, Lydia unintentionally but most overwhelmingly brought me joy today.

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