Tuesday, February 17, 2015

God's okay with it.

Today while running I decided not to listen to sermons as I have been recently, but instead went back to my running music- a mix of pop, Christian, country – whatever has a fast enough beat to keep me going.  I tend to run faster and better with music and I think and process more because I can more easily tune out music than I can a sermon.

All that to say, while listening to music today on my run, I had a revelation.

It is something that I already know, but I think today, the head knowledge moved a little bit more into my heart.

It is the fact that, “God knows what will happen in the future, and He’s okay with it.”

Let me expound a bit.

God knows if I will have a baby in the next year or the next 5 years.  He also knows if I won’t ever have a baby– in spite of anything I might try to do to have one.  And because it is His plan, and He is sovereign, he is okay with it.

God knows if Jason will stay at his job, or get another job as an administrator – God knows if it will be in Florida or somewhere else.  And because it is His plan, and He is sovereign, he is okay with it.

God knows how growing old will affect my parents, and Jason’s parents, and He knows all the plans related to all of that. (*note: my parents are NOT old now… but they might be one day, maybe...probably not... but maybe).  And because it is His plan and He is sovereign, he is okay with it.

God knows if my single friends will get married, or if they will remain single for another year or 5 years or forever.  And because it is His plan and He is sovereign, he is okay with it.

God knows if ISIS members will continue to kill those in their path, and how many, and how hard and how long.  Saying God is okay with this of course sounds awkward, but I still believe that He is sovereign and redeems even these hard things for his glory and our good.

God knows which of my friends in South Asia will believe in Him and which will not.  He is sovereign over these things in such an incredible way that all people are without a good excuse to reject Him. (Romans 1:20)

I realized that if God is okay with all these things happening in whichever way they might happen (of course, according to His will all along), then what right do I have to be anxious about any of them?

I mean really.

Let me repeat that: If God is okay with what will happen…then…why am I worrying about it now?

And it's not only that His plans will prevail, but that they are good.
Maybe not what I would expect.
But good.

While this truth invokes a "what will be will be" attitude on the surface, it should not manifest itself in a lackadaisical approach to life.  Not at all.

Accepting this truth means that while we go through life's situations - we fully recognize that God is already in them and already beyond them.  And regardless of the outcome, He has a plan for our good. (Romans 8:28)

Sitting in this truth today... or running in it rather, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace about a variety of *stressful* situations in my life at the moment.  I didn't feel like I all of the sudden got the answers or that the way was any clearer, but rather that whatever the outcome ends up being, it will be okay, and it will be good.

Simple truths.
Known all of my life.
Making their way into my heart.

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