Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"I told you so"

Yes, it's that warm out already!  Baseball season has started. 
Here is a glimpse into a moment in time that took place this evening:

Setting the stage:
First, we're down to one car right now, while mine potentially dies (we'll find out tomorrow if it's the transmission :-/).

So, I picked Jason up from work.  We had a picnic lunch of ham sandwiches at the little league baseball field.  We went to watch watch some kids of friends from church and students that Jason teaches.

Then we went to trace the route we will take early tomorrow morning to get the car to the mechanic.  We can only drive it about 5 mph, so we wanted to check out some back roads to get there easily.

The conversation:
Me: ...looking at the map intensely, and giving Jason directions: "Honey, turn after the mechanic's street, not down that street, but after it. The one with the mechanic has dead ends - you can't get through"
Jason: ...Turns down the street the mechanic is on.
Me: "Honey, why did you turn here, I said it had dead ends and we couldn't get through…"
Jason:  "Oh well, maybe we can get through…" ...continues to drive down to the end, where it was pretty sketchy and very clearly dead ends.
Me: "I told you so."
Jason: "Wow, really?  If I said that to you…. I think basically neither of us should ever say that to each other…"
Me: "Well… I did tell you…and I'm kinda stressed out cause you have to get to the PTO meeting, and I'm trying to save us time by not having us go down streets with dead ends.
Jason: "Well, I'm not stressed out, you don't need to be either."
Me:   …giving up on that for now…..   "Okay, turn here… and go all the way…."

We turned around and went back the way I originally said.

A few minutes later:

Me: "I'm sorry I said I told you so."
Jason: reaches across the car and gently takes my hand.
Me: …hesitating to respond…. I finally take his hand and say: "But, I'm only partly sorry…"
Jason: "what?"
Me: "Well…I am sorry, but I also feel like you didn't listen to me at all, and didn't even want my help and just didn't care that I was trying to help you with directions…"
Jason: "I'm sorry I didn't listen, you're right, I did need your help and I should have listened to you… I'm sorry."
Me: "I'm sorry too…."

After a few more minutes….

Jason: "Maybe you're next blog post should be, "I told you so.."
Me: a stare back at Jason.
Jason: "I'm just saying."

Between the highlights, the lowlights and the in-between times, one thing is for sure:
There is no one else I'd rather figure life out with than my Jason.  

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