Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Just a little bit at a time

I’ve wanted to write so much since Lily was born about this and that, and all the things you encounter in the first months of motherhood.

Alas, Lily is almost 6 months old and this is only the second time I've sat down to write.

Still, it is representative of the topic I want to write about.

That is, the idea of how so much of my life now happens 'just a little bit at a time.'

To be honest, motherhood has severely threatened my black and white, all-or-nothing mindset.

You see, most of my world simply cannot function that way anymore.  Not that it was the best or ideal way to live before.  But it's just how it was.

The tasks I used to be able check off in one sitting now take 2 days, if I'm lucky.  Before, I feel like I wouldn't stop something until it was finsihed. Now, I feel I am constantly starting everything, and seemingly finishing nothing.

But, things can and will happen.
It just looks different than before.
It now happens just a little bit at a time.
I live in a new, wonderful world where everything I do is very likely to be interrupted by the most amazing gift God has given me (next to my husband of course).

And here is where I'll stop, because Lily is waking up...and I get to go get her!  My most favorite part of the day is just about to happen!

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