Monday, October 29, 2007

Re-Entry Seminar

I went to a re-entry weekend given by my company. I met a local recruiter there who told me that I was an answer to his prayer for the country of Dry Land. He said he knows the people I met there and he has been praying for someone to go to 'Chan City' for the past few years. Just hearing that I had been there and was considering going back was a huge answer to prayer for him!

The time at the seminar has been good...I've felt it difficult to share with people after coming home. Unsure how to express things. I've been excited that the work is complete, but then discouraged because it's all done...somehow I don't have the same passion I had before I left.

The seminary was a good challenge for me to not forget the passion that got me to South Asia. They said, remember to share that passion with people. In sharing with people, they had seven helpful points - one was “lead with your passion, not with your need.” A following quote was, “if we lead with our need, we give the impression that our need is our passion."

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