Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I’m home! Finally. And you know what!? In many ways I feel like I never left.

Being back in the USA for about 3 weeks, enjoying warm showers with water coming from a spout over my head, and electricity 24 hours a day not to mention good times with my family, it’s almost like the past two years were part of another lifetime.

Less than two months ago, I was there, in the villages in South Asia sharing 29 recorded, consultant checked and culturally relevant Stories from the Book with our Kahani friends. Over the past two years, there were many days I thought it would never be complete and struggled to see how to press on. And yet, here I am – the project completed, with Kahani people left behind to continue telling the stories and reaching their own people. The Kahani people now have the Truth in their own language.

What an honor and privilege to have been a part of that- those memories will remain with me forever.

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