Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Where no one else has gone..."

"I guess I've always wanted to go where no one else has gone before...I love the frontiers of service where the challenges are most obvious..." ~ John Weaver (Inside Afghanistan)

How can it be that we are most often afraid of the unknown and yet we also thrive on it? Why is it that the unknown of what lies ahead in terms of what you will do, or where you will go can be daunting...And yet once that is decided, even though it opens doors for a world of more unknowns, somehow there is peace?

For example, not knowing if I would go to South Asia or not for a while was not necessarily scary, but frustrating and certainly required some faith to see beyond what was right in front of me. But after deciding to go, it was like there were a 100 mroe things that were unknown about the whole adventure, but somehow those unknowns were okay, they were acceptable, they were expected.

Why is it also that some of us seek out adventure/challenge in places where others of us try our best to avoid? The only answer I can come up with is that it is the beautiful of how we are made - each different, each with desires, goals, passions that guide us to and through what we are called to do. We are all supporting each other and thus promoting His Work and His Glory!

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