Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So, right now I feel like there are about 25 things that I want to do with my life....Let me try and list a few opportunities that have been offere to me, or that I'm interested in:

- training nationals in storying in various countries in South Asia (with one organization)
- training nationals in storying among least-reached groups (with another organization)
- recruiting for my current company in America, can this be done from DE? Continue speaking as One-story speaker (sept-nov) (feb-april)
- relief work
- one-story project among AI people in Dry Land
- working with medical team…
- develop ESL story set
- working with an agricultural team
- esl and storying among Dry Land people
- teaching ESL to kids/adults in remote areas
- community development
- Africa opportunity– aids/storying workshop/training?

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