Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I was thinking about blogs today, and I was thinking how they can actually inspire thoughts and wonderings about ordinary life. Here’s what I mean. Traditionally, you would come across something out of the ordinary, or maybe do something ordinary, and then write some comment about it.

However, sometimes it can work the other way around. One day you think, “I want to write something on my blog, what can I write about?” And then your mind starts going to work. Should I write and say I met my friend for coffee today? Should I talk about the report I wrote for work, or tell what color I painted on my walls today? Should I mention how far I ran on Saturday, or that I miss my brother who left for work at a camp in New Jersey for the summer. Maybe I should talk about the excitement of feeling truly American and selling something on ebay! And yet, how frustrating it was when it finally sold – I had lost the item, and it was actually more hassle than it was worth! I could write about missing India. I could write about cleaning out my room and how even though I got rid of a lot, I still have more than I need, but still so much that I don’t want to part with.

What a dilemma to try and find something that seems natural and ordinary and try and make it look like you didn’t spent 20 minutes think about what to write. And also something that’s exciting enough for people to read! Of course it helps it you have faithful friends and family, who don’t really care what you write, they just want to hear from you!! J Thanks to those of you who read this!

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