Friday, May 9, 2008

When am I supposed to act like a lady?

We went to a special “Pirates and Princesses” party tonight. My parents got Mark, Natalie and I these hats/hairpiece things to wear – they are actually pretty fun! I’m impressed with how Mark is playing the part and getting into stuff, and not just acting “too cool” for it all. Of course Natalie loves every minute of it! It’s funny, I got more excited about the pirate’s hairpiece thing than the ‘princess’ hair band.

I’ve been wondering lately, if I act too much like boy sometimes! I never really thought about it much before, but wonder at what point I’m supposed to start acting like a ‘lady.’ I think I have a good balance – I don’t like a lot of frills, but I do enjoy getting dressed up once in a while. And no matter what, I appreciate when a guy treats me like any girl/lady should be treated. Yet, I wonder, is it weird for a guy when a girl breaks out of the mold of high heels/nice dress, and acts more like maybe a guy would act – i.e. dirt-biking, climbing rocks, playing sports, etc? Is the carefully coordinated system thrown off balance?

(Picture 1 - the princesses!)

(Picture 2- the pirates!)

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