Friday, August 29, 2008

Jet Lag, and Updates in Blog

Written at 4:20am - Jet Lag has me wide awake! I got back two days ago from India, and I just realized, I think I was on 7 planes in 9 days or something like that! Overall, the trip went really well and I was able to get a clear picture of what my work would be like there. In short, I would act as a resource person for 6 Indian teams trying to do one-story projects in their own languages. I think I’ll be posting an update soon which may explain more of what that will involve. As for now, it does seem like God is leading me in that direction, but I’m still waiting on a few details to unfold.

Written at 3:07pm – I’m still debating about this, but think that this blog will become not just a personal blog with little tidbits of stuff here and there, but also a place to put my updates I send to friends and family about my trip. As one of my friends said, “Your life isn't fragmented into Asia and America themes. It's ALL one life.” So, while this background, and some of these posts may not fit Asia at the moment, I want this blog to be a record of me – both in Asia and America! We’ll see when it comes to write an update again if indeed I’ll post it on here or not.

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Kristin said...

I didn't realize you had this blog until you fb'd about it. I wish I had known what was going on so I could have been praying more or skype me sometime, I'd love to catch up!
Love ya,
Kristin H. Jones

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