Sunday, January 25, 2009

“You are omniscient – I don’t know how you can possibly know.”

The past two weeks in addition to meeting with the teams about their stories, I have been trying to train two young men how to enter the story information into a computer program that is used to store the B stories.

Now, these men have never used a computer before. So, after teaching them how to turn on and turn off the computer, I’ve been teaching them things like, how to open or close a program, what “Scrolling up, or down” means, and also what the difference is between “click” and “double-click.”

Yesterday, I was attempting to give specific training in transferring files to a thumb-drive. It was a stream of instructions: “click that, check that box, double click, go to that box, click once, go to that file, then double click…” After a few minutes of clicking, one man let out an expression of confused amazement – “Wow, you are omniscient! I don’t know how you can possible know when to just click and when to double click! Every time you are right!! You automatically know when to click once, or twice, how in the world do you know??”

I had to sit back and laugh for at least 3 minutes – all three of us laughed – probably at three different ways we had interpreted the situation, but still, it was good to find humor in that moment.

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