Wednesday, April 29, 2009


- Praise for somewhat of a rest in Thailand – or rather, a different kind of busy-ness, that at least gave me a break from the busy-ness of life in Pan Town! Praise for being able to see family while I was there!
- Prayer for Sam’s family – his grandmother (who was almost 100 years old), died two days ago, and there are several rituals and customs his family will be going through over the next week mourning the loss.
- Prayer for Mighty team members. They are in a neighboring country, which has been under a great deal of turmoil and strikes. Their work is on hold right now due to the major affect the strikes are having on even local communities. Keep in mind their safety too – as one of the Might team members reporting seeing brawling in the streets, two people being shot, and some people’s heads chopped off by the rioters.
- Prayer for Manny who is travelling as I write this to assist with another storying training in the North East part of this country for two days next week.
- Prayer for my father who was let go from his job this week.
- Prayer for endurance – the last leg of this project is going to be impossible. I told my mom that the project has been impossible from the beginning so, this shouldn’t too much more difficult. It’s not like there are different levels of impossible. And yet, if there was is something that is more impossible than something else, we are definitely at that point!

To him who is able.

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