Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 Quick Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family,
Two quick prayer requests….
1) The final recordings have started this week and will go on for another 2 weeks. Pray for the teams to persevere to the end and speak clearly for the recordings. It turns out that 2 teams have some weak voices as far as the recording goes. Please pray either for a way to enhance the voices, or for other people to tell the stories. Another team still needs to finish a few details of their project before they are approved to do their recordings. Please pray that they are able to finish quickly!!

2) The final ‘closing ceremony/graduation’ for all the teams, is tomorrow (Friday). Bob Creson (President of the company that I work for), and his wife are here in Pan Town and will be attending the graduation as the chief guests! It is an honor to have them celebrate God’s work here this past year. Pray for the teams who will be sharing Stories during the program. Pray also for the many pastors and leaders from the 6 language groups who will be attending not just to celebrate with us, but also to learn how to use these Stories in their own ministries- a really crucial step to seeing these stories having a lasting impact on the people group!
I’ll write more again later!!
~ Elizabeth

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