Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As “Danny” from ‘Mountain’ team was recording Jesus and the Paralytic story, a huge cockroach crawled out from under the padding of the studio and right under my feet. Trying not to create any sound, so as not to interfere with the recording, I quietly tried to hold up my feet until the end of the recording. The three other men in the room of course didn’t think it was a big deal…but held their laughter at me until Danny was finished his story.

It’s definitely not the first cockroach I’ve seen, and I’m fairly certain there is one living under a steel box in my room, but I’ve decided as long as it stays under there, it can stay there. ;)

NOTE: The other bugs that were driving me insane about a month ago seemed to have ceased. It must have been the time of year, combined with the dryness just before monsoon or something that brought them out of hiding (i.e. out of my wooden furniture, and door). But either way, they are no more, or at least dramatically decreased. Praise the Lord!

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