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Email Update!!

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Short Version:
1. The Graduation Ceremony went well!
2. Village Visits…Bob Creson (president of the company I work for), and Dallas also came along.
3. Final Recordings are slowly, but surely getting done!
(See pictures below!)

Longer Version:
1. Bob and Dallas Creson blessed us with their presence at the final Graduation ceremony. Bob, as well as others, shared challenging messages about taking these completed stories into the villages in this state. It was exciting to think about, especially the three languages where this is the first chance those groups have had to hear His Word in the form of oral stories! When it came my turn to share, I also wanted to thank them for being my brothers and uncles during the past year – I consider them a part of my family, and am so thankful for the things THEY have taught ME over this past year. (A copy of what I shared with the team members at their ceremony is below for those interested.) [Picture- Bob and Dallas Creson)

My favorite part of the ceremony was the story fellowship group demonstration. Manny (from the Agape story team) invited his fellowship group that he has started in a local village to come and more or less have their story fellowship group there in front of everyone. He led the group with the story of Ruth (his favorite story of the Agape set actually!) The participants retold the story well, even correcting each other when they missed something – exactly as a story group should function. They also answered devotional type questions and ended with prayer. One of the participants was chosen as the one who learned the story and was capable of taking it to another group/village. A clear model of how the stories can spread quickly from one area to the next! (Picture - Some of the women from Manny's fellowship group)

2. The day following the graduation, which was also July 4th, was very memorable. We (Bob and Dallas Creson, the local leader of the Mission work here, myself and several others) journeyed about an hour or so to some local villages. We shared with them, and then had a grain distribution for 100 families that had previously been selected. [Picture Sam and I giving a 25kg/50lb sack of rice..this is how they carried the grains to their homes)

In two other villages, we observed a story-fellowship group (a leader of which Manny and Sam trained previously!!), a medical camp, and the beginning of a J film showing. These were families who were hit hardest by the flood almost 10 months ago. The local Mission has been doing a lot of relief work in that area, and as a result, the villages have opened their doors to the Message as well. (More photos of the village near the end of blog entry)

3. The final recordings are still in progress. The intense heat, croaking frogs interfering with the recording, unstable electricity, and many other delays have been frustrating. After being here almost 10 days, The “Mighty” team members had had to return home because one got a cold, and his voice would not return. They are coming back later this week to finish. But in spite of all that, on a very positive note, the “Pomegranate,” “Blizzard,” and “Mountain” teams are completely finished their recordings. Praise Him!

Praise for the final graduation ceremony going very well.
Praise for Manny’s story fellowship group, and the hope of those stories being passed on.
Praise for Blizzard, Mountain and Pomegranate teams finishing their recordings.
Prayer for Spice, Mighty, and Agape teams to finish theirs this week!
Prayer for the 6 teams to see their work as just beginning and to take on the task of spreading these Stories to the rest of the areas and villages that haven’t heard!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support to His work here in “Pan Town.”

Til All have Heard,

~ Elizabeth

====My comments to the team members at their Graduation Ceremony=====
(Names and languages have been changed)

Pan Town” Story Project Final Ceremony Comments:
Elizabeth Wilson- Coordinator “Pan Town” Story Project

I am so amazed that this day has finally come. So many times during this past year, I thought to myself, “This is impossible.” I remember one night talking to my mom on the phone and I said, “I thought my first story project was impossible, but this is like doing that same project but multiplied by 6 and in half the time. This is definitely impossible.”

But, I think that God gave me this impossible task, so that He could show me that only with Him, are those things possible. He wants us to depend on Him. And when we do that, He is faithful, and makes the impossible, possible.
There are many things I could say today, but I mainly want to say thank you to every single one of the Story workers!
So…Let me start by saying…..
Thank you Jay (Pomegranate team) - for always thinking critically about how to improve your stories!
Ben (Pomegranate team) -- You are one of the quietest people that I know, but thank you for always working at a steady pace.
AJ (Mountain team)– Thank you for your willingness to do work for other people on your team, and even helping other teams.
Danny (Mountain team)– Thank you for debating the consultants sometimes, but being willing in the end to make the adjustments to your stories!
Samuel (Mountain Team) – Thank you for all the jokes throughout the year!
Peter (Mountain Team) – Even though you came to the Mountain team at the 2nd workshop, thank you for your strength and desire to learn more about God through the stories.
D- (Mountain team)– My little brother, thank you for being cautious, and always wanting to make sure everything is exactly right.
Manny (Agape) - No matter what the weather was like, or what the situation was, thank you for always being someone I could depend on.
Vance (Agape) – Even though sometimes it was hard to reach you on the phone, thank you for always coming to work on stories whenever we called you.
Uncle Chand (Agape team)- Our Uncle…thank you for your patience, and calm attitude throughout the project
Sam (Agape Team) – Without you this project would not have finished. Thank you for your dedication to all the teams, and especially to God by serving him in this way.
B & S (Mighty team) –You both have a great insight into your culture and I know the stories you crafted are truly matching with Mighty culture.
Bob and Chase (Spice team) – Thank you for being willing to do whatever was necessary even helping other teams (Uncle), and for your great testing for Spice stories.
B.D. - (Spice team)- Thank you for doing such an amazing job managing your project.
Samson (Blizzard team)– You are one of the most energetic people I have ever met. Thank you for your energy, and for always wanting to do more stories, and better stories!
Bobbie and Seth (Blizzard team)– Thank you for your cheerful attitude no matter what.
Santa (Blizzard team)–Your family had a hard time this year, thank you for being faithful and persevering on the Story work.
K and D Language teams – I don’t know you as well, but I know that your supervisor is very proud of you, and from only meeting you during workshops, I know that God is going to do great things through because of your contribution to the Story work.

A few weeks ago, Sam, and Manny and I were sitting in the office, talking about the stories and starting the story-fellowship groups. And Sam said, “I thought our work was almost finished, but now I see that it is just beginning!”

He is exactly right. Your work is really just starting! But it is the most exciting work that you will ever get to do! You now have stories that are Biblically accurate, they match with the culture, and they can be retold easily. These Stories---God’s Word in a speaking/oral form--- are ready to go out into the villages of this state!!

I want you to know that I will be praying for each one of you. I thank God for the work that you have done, and I ask God to guide you as you begin a new phase of work---sharing the Stories with the people of “Pan Town”, people who have never heard them before.

Thank you again for your hard work.
Jai Masih Ki. (Praise the Lord)

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