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Newsletter January to July 2009

Here is a link to my newsletter, covering the period January to July, 2009.

I'd recommend clicking on the link above, but if you don't have time to click the link - no problem....the contents of my newsletter are pasted below also... :)

Newsletter 14 - January to July 2009 - TELLING HIS STORY
SIX more people groups praising God in their own mother tongue languages!
Over this past year, by God’s grace, my role was to coordinate 6 mother tongue storying projects in “Pan Town,” South Asia. As their facilitator, being able to interact with God’s Word on a deep level with these national believers, and observe the transformation in their lives through His Stories, was a huge privilege.

The teams worked hard, not only to craft 20-30 Biblically accurate, culturally relevant Stories in their own languages, but also have started Story Fellowship Groups in their villages where they are sharing the stories with those who have never heard!

Continued Prayer and Financial Support!!
While the past year was perhaps one of the hardest and yet most exciting projects I have ever been a part of, I am equally excited about my next assignments:
1) consulting storying projects
2) leading storying trainings in various places in the world
3) developing a set of stories for use in ESL (English as a Second Language).

I will still need prayer and financial support for these roles. To those who have partnered with me thus far, I can’t thank you enough for being a part of getting God’s Word to these unreached people groups. I look forward to continuing to partner with you.

Testimonies from the PAN TOWN Team Members
“At present I have three story fellowship groups. And there is a group which consists of the women of the village, and all of them are from a non-believing background, and some of the females are illiterate. But, because these stories are in their own language, they can understand these stories easily, and they also retell these stories to others.”

“I have been serving the Lord for the last eight to ten years. But during my ministry I did not have the correct knowledge and experience of the word of God. But ever since I started to work in the Story program, I have been learning the word of God in a deep way.”

“Through these stories, we have now, a novel way of sharing the Gospel to the people. Before, the people knew that it is a foreign religion and NOW, those people who were opposed to this way, are now believing in The Way, through hearing these stories.”

“My wife is illiterate, but through this story training program, she has learned about 18 stories, and now whenever she sits and talks with someone, she can explain (the Gospel) through the stories. There is a great change in her life.”

Calendar (Picture- Fun with my little cousins and sister just after getting home in July)
August 6-13– Recording/Media Training (Waxhaw, NC)
September 8-12 - Entermission Speaking Event and Urbana Planning Meeting (Orlando, FL- Wycliffe Headquarters)
September 20—Columbus, OH (Church Visit)
September 27-Oct 3 - Consulting Training (Dallas, TX)
October 4-12 - World Wide Scripture Engagement Workshop speaker (Melaka, Malaysia)
November - Possible training in NW India
November 22– Franklin, PA Church Visit
December 26 - Jan 2—Wycliffe’s Urbana Team (St. Louis, MO)

Until All Have Heard,
~ Elizabeth

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