Friday, September 4, 2009

I have to "Wait and See...," Your Path Lord.

I heard this song recently, and started praying through it. Strangely, my prayer ended up being more about walking God’s path. But in a similar way, we have to wait and see how God is using the path He leads us on to mold us into who he wants us to be.
There's hope for me yet,
Because God won’t forget
All the plans he’s made for me
I have to wait and see
He’s not finished with me yet
~ Brandon Heath
Thank you, Lord for guiding and directing and leading me on the path you want me to walk. It’s not easy, and sometimes it’s not clearly marked, but it is there. And you are just one step away, lighting the way. Let me not dawdle or get distracted. And yet, when I do, thank you for waiting for me. You never leave me. You are there when I come to my senses and realize that the blessings outweigh the frustrations of walking Your Path.

Help keep my feet walking forward, and my eyes looking UP. You are in control, may I not forget that. May I not try to take that from you, as I will always fail and will only hurt myself!

You have already figured out what turns and bends in the path are best for me, you have decided when, together, we might travel through a dark forest or across an open field. And yet, even in the forest, when the sun shines through the tree tops, it’s like you aren’t just in front of me, but you are all around me. Thank you. May I remember today that the fallen branches and seemingly displaced boulders on the path, are a part of your plan, a part of strengthening my dependence on you. And that you are right there with me as I pick up the branches, and climb over the boulders.

Thank you, Lord, for always walking with me and leading me each step of the way.


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