Monday, January 4, 2010

"Who are the people that you do not see?" - A few More Notes from Urbana

Well, the notes I wrote last week were taken from the first half of the conference.  Here are notes from the second half!!  Very convicting thoughts from the sessions.  I'm still working out all that God showed me during the week.  I know He has some specific action points in mind for me to take in my attitude and lifestyle.  Thank you, Father, for showing me more of you and who you want me to be.  May I go and live who you are!

-You may think there is a great deception from false gods in others countries.  It may be true.  However, it is here too.  The only difference is that deceit of the false gods in this country is more subtle.
-Who are the people that you do not see?
-The woman at the well didn’t say, ‘listen to me’ when she gave the report of what happened to her.  She said, ‘come and see.’  The world we live in says, ‘look at me/listen to me’ – but we need to say, ‘Come and see’ and always point to our Father
-Social work changes the environment to make people comfortable.  The gospel changes people, from the inside out, to then adapt and potentially enhance their environment.
-Analogy- the Computer has default settings that someone somewhere has determined are the best settings for the computer.  However, typically, you adjust the settings to fit your own plans and ideas of how you think it should work.  Occasionally, you have to go back to the default settings to figure something out or when things crash.  When you give your life to God, it is like he pushes the “return to default settings” back to the far better plan that He intended for you!
-Prayer: That we would hold the means lightly, hold the message firmly, never compromising and that we would be a model of His grace in humility, transparency, and love.
-From life’s first cry, to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny
-God is less concerned about the promises to you make about what you will do in the future, and more concerned about your obedience to him right now.
-Sharing the good news with a fellow student/airplane seatmate/or really anyone who is breathing(!), may be the most important thing you ever do in your entire life.
-People will be impacted for good by your activism, or for ill because of your passivity.
-Be intentional.  Take the first step.
-Jesus to the Samaritan woman: I came to see you, and I’m not taken aback by your sin or your baggage”
-People are looking to see if our lifestyle matches our testimony.
-Won’t you be my neighbor?
-Why do we talk about Samaria, but don’t go to Samaria?
-We may not always know what to say, but we still have a testimony to share.
-Often we want to challenge others before we challenge our own neighborhoods and our own family.
-Go into places other people won’t go.  Go with the power of God.
-If we go with our social or service project, we aren’t the church.  We will fail if we only go with fishes and loaves.
-We need to go and be, and do, because the credibility of the church is at stake.
-Prior generations did not fail because of lack of passion or excitement, but they failed because of lack of faithfulness.
-Right here, here he is, do you know who he is?
-Go and live who He is!

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