Friday, April 30, 2010

Email Update - Extra Prayer?

Friends and Family,

I have lots to write about the first part of my trip to ‘Kahan,’ which in short went really well.

But for now, I just wanted to ask for extra prayer while I’m in Tea Town…

Today was a good, but long day….I met with two teams all day long…all good, just lots of speaking in a 2nd language, and lots of consultant notes to review, and the teams here face a lot of persecution.  I think one team is one the verge of giving up – I had to ask them, “Then how will the T. people ever know about the Truth?”  They said…”Yeah…I guess you’re right.”  It is so hard to hear them feeling discouraged.  I tried to explain that we all have days we don’t want to work and don’t want to move forward, but we have to – and we are called to, etc, etc.

Anyway, I also felt sick earlier today, and honestly, I just feel like it’s the Enemy wanting to get in the way.  7 teams here – most without ANY access to scripture, and most are the only believers in their people group.  A prime target for the Enemy to just mess things up.  Anyway…He is greater…I know that.  And trust that.

Thank you for your prayers – I know it is through prayer that things are held together!!!  You are a very large part of this work here.

Til All have Heard.

~ Elizabeth

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