Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Email Update!

Facebook/Blog Friends: I send these updates via email once/month and occasionally include other information that is not posted on Facebook, or the web.  If you would be interested in receiving those updates, let me know!!)

Short Version
* “Can we do a Skype call today?” – Talking, and seeing my teams in S. Asia, while sitting at the office here in Orlando!
* Dana, Beth, Kim – friends to keep in mind!!
* ESL stories – to take off tomorrow night!
* P&P

Longer Version
“Can we do a skype call today?”
Yesterday, I woke up to an email from ‘Lazarus’ – my on-the-ground point man for the Tea Town story teams.  I usually receive emails from him every other day with stories to consult on, but this time, he said one of the teams was visiting him, and wanted to talk with me via Skype.  I went into the office, and pretty soon we were ‘face-to-face’ via the computer and internet.  The picture below is Lazarus’ wife’s amazed face – she couldn't believe that it was 10am in USA, while it was late evening in S. Asia! :)  Needless to say, I had a good conversation with the Masala team– encouraging them to not get burned out, but also to press on.  I’m looking forward to seeing, Lazarus, the Masala team and other teams in about a month!

Dana, Beth, & Kim 
 I'd love it if you would pray for these friends of mine!!  If you want to know more about them, let me know! 

ESL Stories- to take off tomorrow night!
Between consulting on stories for teams in Asia, I have been working on ESL Bible stories for a large local Group here in Orlando.  They want to use Stories in their ESL (English as a Second Language) ministry.  They have actually decided to expand their ESL classes to two nights a week – the second night is solely devoted to ESL conversation through storying.  Another colleague and myself are the main leaders!  Tomorrow night is the first night!  No one knows how many students will come, and we don’t know exactly how the stories will work with the English levels.  All we know is that it’s God’s Word, and by His grace, it will take care of itself – He has only called us to be faithful to be used by Him!

Praise for my ankle – As per my aunt’s suggestion, I’ve recently been drinking raw milk-- shipped down from an Amish farm about 20 minutes away from my parent’s home in Delaware!  And…it seems to be helping!  Pray also for a doctor’s appointment with an ankle and foot specialist on Sept 20.
Praise for continued adjustment to life in Orlando – I’ve been here 45 consecutive days now! (blog entry about that:
Praise that my Mommy was able to come visit me recently and meet some of my friends here in Orlando!  (Picture below)
Prayer for the Tea Town teams as they prepare for their ‘process checks’ in October when I visit them.
Prayer for Mercy teams as they prepare for their second training session also in October.
Prayer for wisdom as I daily check stories from several story teams in S. Asia.

I would love to hear where you are in the Story that God is writing- and how I can pray for you in the chapter He has you living right now!  Your faithfulness in prayer and support is an incredible blessing to me – thank you for partnering with me.

Till All Have Heard,

~ Elizabeth


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