Friday, October 22, 2010

A Blue, Brown, and Gray place

There is a place that people occasionally hear about, even fewer see from a distance, and only a handful of outsiders ever actually enter into.

A place where people live every day and every night of their lives.

A place where piles of trash make up boundary lines between places to sleep, lunch and dinner are usually non-existent, cleanliness is impossible, and sickness is unavoidable.

A place that has roofs of gray tin, blue tarps, and tarnished and rusted brown metal.

A place I have only seen from the air, but have not personally lived in, or visited.

A place that 7 million people call, “home.”

A place that discourages, depresses and frustrates me.  A place that causes confusion inside of me as I try to search out what my role is in such a situation.

A place that cannot be tamed easily.

A place that easily overwhelms.

A place that can minimize all of one’s previous worries in a single second, while also giving the greatest concern and heartbreak that one has ever known.


The two pictures here are mine, but here is a site with many more real pictures of this place.

Just please note, I can't vouch for this sight in any way.

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