Saturday, November 6, 2010

You can't live in two places at once!

Thoughts sparked by conversations with my cousin…

While in South Asia, my cousin, Roberta, and I met up with Precious (the story crafter from my first story project).  It was a great visit, but also overwhelming as I heard her struggles.  My response was: “I should just live in the town where Precious lives.”  Then later, as we spent time with the Tea Town story teams, and listened to them share how their situations are extremely challenging.  I again responded with, “I should just live with that story team in their village.”

Finally, Roberta said to me, “Well, then you should just live everywhere……but you can’t – you can’t even live in 2 places at once.”

I paused as her truthful words hit me right where I needed it.  Even though God may use situations like the ones I was facing to move His people to different places, I was somehow incorrectly thinking that the solution to some of these problems, was ME.  Wow.  Humbling.

I can’t provide the Eternal Solution, any more than I can live in two places at once.  Hmm.

Then, as Roberta and I travelled from South Asia and re-entered America, Roberta said, “So…wait…did that just happen?  Is South Asia really there, or was it just a dream?”  She then said, “I can’t believe you do this so frequently, no wonder you struggle knowing where you belong!”

Her comment and the brief 24 hours with my family in Delaware before returning to Florida, caused me to realize all over again that this life and this world are temporary.  It also reminded me of the constant tension I feel as my heart belongs to lots of people in multiple places.  I then thought, if my heart fully belongs to God, then He will carry this burden.  He will not only carry it, but will take care of it, as only He can.  And while I can’t live in 2 places at one time, or even properly care for anyone at any given time, God is everywhere all the time, and takes full care of people all the time.  Hmm.

Okay.  So, God – here I am again – humbled.  Here is my heart once again- take it.  And take care of my dear friends in South Asia.  Take care of them as you have already been doing all along!  And here is my prayer for contentment to be and live in the place that I am in today– embracing you as my Home wherever you may call me!

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