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Email Update- Happy Easter and Banana Town Update

HAPPY EASTER!!!  :)  (a few days early!)

Dear Friends and Family,

**Banana Town Story Workshop Update- “Oh, like that?  Okay, yes, now I can do this- now I can tell stories!”
**ESL Stories Update- “She is using the stories in a small group with her neighbors!”
**Go!  Stay!  Go!  Stay!  - What is God calling me to?
Watch for a Newsletter in the next few weeks!

Banana Town Story Workshop Update – I travelled to Banana town in March, to help with another story training for the Mercy teams.  In short, we helped to check the process of how the teams are doing their daily story work, as well as coach them in how to use the stories in real-life situations, particularly in small fellowship groups.
[Picture: Left to right, Abraham and Adam- Mercy story team members.]

One of the days, I asked a story-teller (Martha) to come with me to tell a story to some local friends I had made at the compound.  I took a video of her telling the story of Zacchaeus.

Martha did such a good job telling a natural story, that I shared the video with the teams.  After seeing how natural and easy it was for Martha to tell the story, one of the Mercy team members, ‘Adam’ said – “Oh, we should tell stories like that?  Okay, yes, now I can do this- now I can tell stories!”  We discussed how telling stories can be easily woven into daily life and the teams got excited about sharing stories with their communities.
If you want to see the actual video of Martha telling the story a few weeks ago, please go to:
http://www.youtube.com/elizabethstories   ---   “Martha Tells the Zacchaeus Story”

(I hope to get another video uploaded with a translation of what Martha is saying, but if you are familiar with the Zacchaeus story, you can kind-of get an idea from this video).

Picture below: Martha and me.

ESL Stories Update & New Story Teams
ESL Stories – Recently, a colleague of mine and I met with the local group who has been using the ESL stories (that are not quite finished!).  They have started integrating the stories in some of their other classes and one of the Hispanic ladies who came to the class is now hosting a story fellowship group in her home with her neighbors- right here in Orlando!

New Story Teams- Just today, I had the opportunity to interact with a couple who has joined One-Story and are leaving for the field soon.  Over the past several months, I have had the privilege of meeting others who want to know about overseas work.  Being close to Wycliffe Headquarters, I am often asked to meet with folks interested in South Asia, or story projects.  I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing, and hearing from these people and can’t wait to see what God does in and through them.

Go!  Stay!  Go!  Stay!  - What is God calling me to?
During my trip to Banana Town, I felt extremely excited to be back in South Asia.  It felt like God might be calling me back overseas again longer term.  Since I’ve been back in the states, I’ve met with several wise counselors and mentors in my life who have helped me think through some of this.

I am asking God what he wants me to do (stay or go), and I would appreciate your prayers for this as well.  You can keep in closer touch with my thought process through my blog: www.elizabethstories.blogspot.com.

Photo: last week’s Orlando Corporate 5K race (14,000 participants!)

Praise for the work accomplished at the Banana Town Training!
Praise for relationships built with local women and stories that Martha shared with them
Prayer for the Mercy team and other story teams, as they work on try to finish their stories in preparation for using those stories in a story training to happen in JUNE!!
Praise for a special visit to Wycliffe, in March, from Mr. and Mrs. Don Cain, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bonnet who were in Orlando!
Prayer for transition in consulting roles.  I am now coaching another consultant for the Mercy team, and will be taking on consulting for the “Courage” team.
Prayer for me to hear God’s voice- whether it says ‘Stay,’ or ‘Go.’

Picture below – two of my best friends in Orlando, and also my roommates (Jen & Jen!).  We volunteered one weekend at the Great American Pie Festival!! :)

Mid-June- Family Reunion (North Carolina)
June 25-July 20 – Mercy Team training, (Banana Town, S. Asia)
July 20-25- Possible Story team Process Checks, (K Town, S. Asia)
Mid-August – Possible Story Process Checks & Training (Africa)
November – Mercy Team training, (New Town, S. Asia)

Until All Have Heard,

~ Elizabeth

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Melanie Betters said...

Elizabeth, I love reading the things you write. Thank you for sharing your experiences this way so that others can share your life with you even if in a small way. I will pray for God to give you clear direction for whether you should "go or stay".

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