Saturday, February 4, 2012

"I saw a glow of light around her!"

I had lunch today with a couple that is considering joining the story project.  Here is the story they shared with me of how they knew they were supposed to marry each other.

him: we have an amazing story of how we got joined together.
her: yes, it is amazing.
him: so, I am a worship leader in my church and the first time she came into the church, I saw her and it was like a glow of light around her.
her: oh...really?  (smiling)

him: yeah, it was so strange, but amazing, and like a voice came and said, "she will be your life-partner."  But as I was thinking this, I kept thinking, "Okay, that's great, but if I go up to her and say, 'Hi.  You will be my life-partner,' then surely she will never speak to me again and never even come back to the church again!  I prayed and wondered about what to do.  Finally, I decided to go and tell her everything.  So I did.

her: So I said to him. "Let's pray about it."
him: yeah, that was all she said, she didn't even respond positively or negatively, she just said, 'let's pray.'  That was all.  I was hoping she'd at least say something else, but she just said, "let's pray."

her: then later, some time after that, I was praying and it had been my plan all along to never get married.  I only wanted to do ministry for the Lord, and take his name and message to the far places and to those who do not know.

So one night, in my dream, I saw an engagement ring.  I was very surprised because I had never planned to get married, and didn't want to be distracted by this.  So I did not do very much about it.

Then another night, I had another dream and it was like a vision.  I was standing looking at a map of India.  There were people in each place with candles - they were burning.  But there was a dark place with no one and no candle.  Then a voice said to go there.  I went there, and tried and tried and tried to keep a candle burning, but there was a wind that would not let it burn.

The wind was strong, but even still all the other candles in other places were still burning.  But mine would not burn.  Then he (the guy who is her husband now), he came, and walked towards me.  He came and held his hands around the wick, so that I could light the candle and the wind would not blow it out.

And a voice came and said, "He will be your life-partner."

But still the next day, I prayed to God, "I don't want to just see him in my dream because I am thinking about him.  I still do not know for sure if that is the one who will be my life-partner or not. Then that night I had another dream.  I was walking on the edge of a wall.  It was such a horrible wall, that if I even took one more step it would crumble.  My friends and family were all watching me walk along.  The wall was like the ministry i was holding on to very tightly. I would not let go at all.  No one could get me down.

But then my parents went to him (The guy she is not married to) and said, 'you tell her to come down.'  He replied, 'I will go to her, but will not say anything, by herself she will come down.'  So he came over, and held out his hand, and I came down.

Then he led me and helped me to get up another wall - even higher.  And as I was on that wall, I came to know that I can reach the fruit (of ministry) even more!  I could see things more and even reach more.  Then the voice came again that 'this is the one who will be your life-partner.'

Then after that, I knew this is the one.

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