Monday, January 28, 2013

31 by 31 :-)

Here is my udpated 30 by 30list.  This was a list I developed in July last year, and got only about a third of the way through.  I ended up spending more time in building relationships around me which I am thankful for.

As I look at 2013, I still hope to complete each of these things.  So here is my list once again.  I hope to check back in at least once a month as a type of accountability for me to see what I have done that month!!!

31 by 31 :-)  [expires Dec 21, 2013]  :-)

1.  Take a Canvas painting class (July 22)

2.  Take 1 whole day, go somewhere outside of the house, and purposely spend it with the Lord (July 20)

3.  Make at least one eatible thing from Pinterest (July 23)

4.  Join a soccer team (Aug 1!)

5.  Run a 10k race (Moss Park Forest Run)

6.  Find a friend with a TV and watch at least 2 days of Shark Week!

7.  Listen to at least 1 audio book. (The Next Story, by Tim Challies)

8.  Play my guitar for worship at work or life group

9.  Finish 1 video project for my aunt

10. Train Nala (my puppy) to sit, stay, come and jump high :-)

11. Snorkeling in the Florida Keys or West Coast

12. Take my neighbor to do something

13. Do one cool project with photographs

14. Research tutoring/substitute teaching opportunities.

15. Find an Indian friend to practice Hindi with.

16. Give at least 2 bags of clothes/items to Good Will.

17. Anonymously pay for someone else's table at a restaurant

18. Do at least crafty thing from Pinterest.

19. Pick a 10 day period and write a blog entry EVERY day

20. Go surfing

21. Write (yes, hand write) 5 letters to friends overseas.

22. Research photography classes in Orlando and take one.

23. Schedule a trip for my sister Jennifer to visit within the next year!

24. Go tape 5 quarters on 5 shopping carts at Aldi's for other people to use!

25. Finish crocheting a blanket

26. Take a week long fast from facebook.

27. Go to Leu Gardens on the 1st Monday of the month (it’s free!)

28. Memorize 1 Bible passage (3+ verses).

29. See the sunrise on the ocean coast & the sunset on the gulf coast on same day

30.  Read 13 books in 2013
31. Make another list of things to do before I turn 32!

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