Sunday, February 17, 2013

Settling down...

What!?  Me?  No way!

All of my life I have resented what this phrase implies.  I have rebelled against it.  I have prided myself at being on-the-go 24/7 and saying 'yes' to just about everything.  I have traveled to crazy places and feel like I have lived multiple lifetimes already.  I now have uncountable surface level friends along with a few close friends that will last forever.  I am so blessed that God would allow me to serve Him in some unfathomable ways during my 20's.

Settling down typically means, staying in one place, possibly getting married, having 1 job, start raising a family, integrating into the neighborhood, and community, etc.  And for some reason, I have decided that those are somehow negative, hence the mad dash away from any and all decisions that could lead down the 'settling down' path.

But I am slowly learning and even more slowly accepting that each phase of life has it's own blessings as well as frustrations.  We are continually growing and changing, and there is nothing we can do to avoid it!

The most helpful advice someone gave me was: "Who you are now is quite different from who you were ten years ago."  Basic, but helpful.  I am changing and will continue to change.  I might as well accept it, and see what God has for me in it.

The book, "This Ordinary Adventure - Settling down without Settling" by Christine and Adam Jeske has been quite helpful in helping me realize that whether I sleep in an airplane, or in a real bed, and whether I travel so frequently that I never finish a gallon of milk, or if I can actually attend church more than 3 weeks in a row because I am actually in the country for a whole month....  God is truly the one who makes everything we do an adventure.

And 'settling down' doesn't have to result in something less interesting or exciting - because God is completely in it!

I am praying that He helps me follow Him well on the adventure He is leading me on, no matter what or where that may be.


Dave said...

This was a good reminder for me to be kingdom focused!! Settling down on the outside, but forever young inside! :D Thanks Elizabeth

Elizabeth said...

Glad you enjoyed it Dave!

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