Sunday, March 3, 2013

Predestination, Free will. Election, Choice. Does it matter in every day life?

I believe it does.  What you believe about God matters.  And if it doesn't matter for every day life, then what does it matter for at all?

--If I believe that God is any bit, even 1%, out of control because my salvation depends on my choice, then I have great reason to live in fear.

--If I believe that God is 100% in control, and my 'choosing Him,' is only because He first chose me, then I can live freely.

**If I believe that God knows what everyone will do, but didn't necessarily plan it himself, then who did plan it?  Me?  That's scary, and allows me to become quite proud.

**If I believe that God has a plan for every person on the planet, then that makes Him God, and no one else, and that keeps me humble.

--If I believe that God chose all/died for all, but some choose to not follow God, then, it's a shame God's plan isn't working out for him - and I am apt to believe that God didn't know what He was doing, and I know better because I can choose God.

--If I believe that God chose some/died for some and not others, then thus far, things are going according to His plan, and God knew and planned all along what would be - not so that I would understand, but because He wanted to.

**If I believe that all are chosen by God, but only the ones who choose God are saved, then I must share my faith because someone else's salvation could depend on me.

**If I believe some are chosen by God, I must share my faith not because it depends on me, but because I do not know who is chosen and who is not.

In all of this, I believe that God has a plan beyond my comprehension, and I'm okay with that.

I believe in a God-centered theology where He has a plan, He is in control, and He chooses us.

I pray for wisdom to see Him more clearly and look forward to maybe one day understanding more fully His sovereignty in all things.

For now, I walk by faith, thankful for assurance of His choosing me.

Just some light-hearted thoughts for this Sunday evening.
Objections, criticism, comments, and of course, agreements are welcome.

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Dave said...

OOOOOOHHHHH ... I have just the answer! well... not my answer of course lol! But I am working on creating/compiling a 40 day devotional that might be intriguing to those of us searching for understanding of God's purpose for us - and how that works together with our continual longing to love him more by the choices we make every day ;)

I just started it yesterday - so I don't have much ready. But I'm working hard to collaborate some insanely interesting passages of scripture to read joined with some really simple and basic questions to think about.

Perhaps I am the only one excited about it haha - but I think it will be good!

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