Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"You are depending on your mind!"

I finished reading 2 books!

Since I don't read much, but really wish I did, I have a goal to read 13 books in 2013.  I finished book 2 today!

As I finished this one (which had been recommended by both my brother and sister, Natalie), I was caught by how God uses exact timing and planning to teach me things.

This past week, I wrote a blog post about control and needing to know things:(

The pages in the book I read today in this book hit on both of those ideas.

Ted Dekker, author of the book, "Blink of an Eye" tells a story in which the main character, Seth Border, can see the future.  But it's not quite that straightforward.  He can see multiple futures at one time, based on individual actions of everyone around him.

Ultimately, Seth strategically makes decisions to ensure that a certain future happens.  Near the end of the story, this extraordinary ability starts to diminish.

At that point, the Saudi Arabian princess that he is trying to save challenges him:

"You are depending on your mind!"
"What do you mean?" he said.
"When you see things in your mind, they are easy to believe.  All your life, you've depended on this brilliance of yours.  But when these things - these futures you see - are no longer in your mind, you lose faith...You saw the future and you believed...but now that you can't see, you lose faith."
"You've never had faith."

While I can't see the future, I definitely like to know, and like to control what I hope will be my future.  But this story challenged me today - am I depending on the futures that I can 'see' and think I can control, or am I truly depending on the God who knows it all, and has given me faith to believe?

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Dave said...

My friend Vashti suggested the Circle series (black,red, white, green) For me to read a while back. These 4 books were finished within a two week period... They were awesome lol! If you like Ted's books, you might like those as well.

I couldn't put them down lol!

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