Sunday, January 5, 2014

What God is teaching me- Part 2 of 4 ("God Rules the Mundane")

Here is the second blog post about the things God is teaching me this week.

2) I read an article from The Gospel Coalition.  God Rules the Mundane

It was encouraging and convicting to say the least.

I confess that sometimes I get caught up in the belief that my "previous" life overseas is somehow better; that it counts for more; that it is part of something bigger than my current life here.

I often struggle with comparing different seasons of my life and assign value based on the struggle, or the extent to which I had to go in each season.

If it isn't hard, it probably isn't worth it.

If I can speak English, it is too easy.

Being involved on the front-lines of people hearing God's Word for the first time in their own language feels more courageous (or day I say, worthy?) than planning overseas trips for others.  Trekking an hour on foot (after a plane, a train, a bus, and a jeep) to get to your home feels more thrilling (ahem, worthy) than driving my car home from work.  Even doing laundry overseas feels more exciting (once again, worthy) than doing laundry in Florida.
The idea that my location in the world could determine my value is a lie.  The thought that my life is not worthy enough if I speak the same language as my neighbors is a lie.

These are nothing but fiery darts from the Evil One.

Gloria Furman, the author of the blog mentioned above shares: "When I attended a marriage conference taught by Paul Tripp, he said something that devastated me.  Tripp said, "If God doesn't rule your mundane, then he doesn't rule you."

Dramatic, life-altering moments come only a few times during our lifetime - that's why they're dramatic.  The rest of our lives are lived int he common, ordinary mundane."

I need to learn, somehow, by God's grace to listen when He says "You are my child.  Nothing you do or experience elevates you any higher than anything else you do or experience.  I made you.  I love you.  I chose you.  How you worship me, and where you worship me is unique to your relationship with me - it is not indicative of your worth.  I decided you were worth dying for before you were even born!  Nothing you do, and no place that you live can ever change that!"

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